Today is my pub date for TRAFFICKED!

I woke up at 5 in the morning today. It’s like Christmas morning when you’re a kid, but a hundred times better. I have wanted to be a published author since I read my first chapter book, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl. It remains one of my favorite kids’ books of all time. Since that point, every time I read a great book, I dreamed of being able to carry people away to another world and escape from their own life for a while. Maybe when they reemerge, they’ll be a different person. I love the ability of fiction to tear you apart and reshape you anew.

Never did I think my first published would be such a big issue book. I wrote two novels before TRAFFICKED. They were also contemporary fiction, but not issue books really, just thrillers. I think of TRAFFICKED as a thriller too, but I’m glad it speaks about an important issue. It’s a pretty cool way to start out as an author and I sure hope somewhere, someone reads it and is warned away from a bad situation.

People keep asking me what I’m doing next. It’s funny because I’m quite focused on TRAFFICKED right now, writing guest blog posts, doing interviews, and guiding it into the world. However, I do have two novels on the go. One is a paranormal thriller series and the other is a contemporary stand-alone. Maybe in a few weeks, I’ll be back revising one of them. I’m not sure which one, oddly. They’re both very close to being finished, or at least ready for an editor. I like to do a draft of one novel and then switch to the other novel to give myself some distance in order to be able to see clearly when I come back to it.

But for today and tomorrow and the next few weeks of my book tour, I’ll be very focused on TRAFFICKED. I’m sure grateful for the opportunity in my life to have this book out in the world. If you have that dream too, just keep at it. Maybe it’ll take you ten years of working every day, like me, but believe me, it’ll be worth every minute.

2 thoughts on “Today is my pub date for TRAFFICKED!

  1. Congratulations, Kim! I found your website through WD and found myself relating to your story – two kids, writing through nap time. Your bio really touched me. What an accomplishment – I am so happy to see all the hard work and effort pay off. Enjoy!

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