Congrats to the winners of TRAFFICKED and the Most Recent Winner for the “I am a Reader, Not a Writer” Blog

There have been so many people who have won TRAFFICKED from the various giveaways at all the different blogs who have done interviews or hosted guest blog posts. I only know of a few of you, but I’d love to congratulate you all.

The most recent winner is Mandy Riddell for the “I am a Reader, Not a Writer” Blog. Another winner was Amy Giuffrida for Nova Ren Suma’s Distraction 99 Blog. Madeline Luka also won. Congratulations to Mandy, Amy, Madeline and everyone else!

If you’ve won a book, I’d love to hear from you. In fact, I’d love to hear from anyone who’s read TRAFFICKED. I’m shamelessly excited about every message I get from a reader. It’s still new for me.

Here’s the interview I did for the “I am a Reader, Not a Writer” Blog. In it, I give some writing advice and talk about the writing life.

“I am a Reader Not a Writer” Interview



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