Standing Up to the Bullies

I started standing up for bullied kids when I was in 6th grade. I just couldn’t stand to see someone being picked on. Here’s a guest post, Not On My Watch, for Deborah Reber’s Heart of Gold Girls blog. I wrote about my first and only fist fight in 6th Grade. Sometimes it only takes one. It wasn’t that I didn’t get bullied later – I did, and quite terribly. My very best friends turned on me in my first year of high school. It was horrible. For about a year, I never felt more alone.

However, it made me even more passionate in the belief that kids need to stand up for one another and people in general need to stand up for one another. I don’t believe in minding your own business when someone is being cruel.

There are so many more nice people and kids in the world than mean ones. We outnumber them – we can win. I believe in standing up to bullies, both when you’re young and as you get older. To me, Trafficked is just another way to stand up to the bullies. Go here to read more.


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