A Cafe in a School Library? It’s True!

Two weeks ago, I did author visits at two schools in Brownsville, Texas, and I went to IMG_1928one incredible school with….drum roll… a cafe in the school library. When I first walked in the library of Veterans Memorial High School and saw the tables and chairs, and the little cafe sign and kitchen, I thought, “No way.” But it’s true! They actually have this quaint cafe for the kids in the library.

The librarian and assistants run it during lunch and before school and the funds from this cafe are used to buy books. The cafe creates this warm, welcoming feeling in the library and the kids love coming to the library. They sip their tea and read books, and I guess, feel respected as people who are worthy of a cafe in their school library. It’s such a wonderful way to honor students. We need to do more of this kind of thing for teens.

The librarian told me she has to make the kids leave to go to class. I loved going to the library when I was a teenager. It was the only place I felt safe. But a cafe would have sweetened the deal.

For a fun news article in the Brownsville Herald about my visit to this school, go here!



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