My Book Trailer!! And A Big Nomination for Trafficked!

What an amazing day. I’ve been in Portland, at Madison High School, where Trafficked was named the Madison Reads Book of the Year. I also visited Franklin High School today and I’m about to do a bookstore event at A Children’s Bookstore from 5-6.

So, that was enough, but it’s not all. Today, I was nominated for a big book award and my book trailer debuted. Go to Good Choice Reading to view the trailer and win one of five giveaways!

Here it is…the big nomination: Trafficked has been nominated for the 2013-2014 South Carolina Book Awards in the YA category! Yippee. This is truly the little book that could. I’m grateful to all the people who are spreading the word about this book so that more and more people are starting to hear about it. So wonderful. Besides that, it’s quite amazing to see the other incredible books in this list…just to be mentioned along with these amazing authors is such an honor. Check it out for yourself here.


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